Wednesday, April 24 at 6:30 PM, Joe Judd author of On the Ridge

Joe’s journey as a sportsman began at the young age of 10 years old while following his father and grandfather through the woodlands of the northeast. He quickly took to the sport of hunting and by the age of 18 was deeply entrenched in the entire outdoor scene.

Joe JuddIn 1976 while turkey hunting during the early years of Vermont’s turkey hunting programs Joe met Dick Kirby who had just founded a company called Quaker Boy Game Calls. Ten years later, with much success and knowledge having been acquired by both men, Joe was asked to join the now prestigious pro-staff of Dick Kirby’s company and thus another segment of his outdoor career had begun.

Since that time Joe has traveled throughout the country working with the Quaker Boy staff producing outdoor videos, instructing at seminars and clinics while at the same time honing his own outdoor skills along the way.

Joe has pursued everything from Maine moose to Alabama mallards. He has appeared on the Quaker Boy Video Series and has assisted many celebrities as well as countless sportsmen in their turkey hunting adventures.  His expertise as an “Over the Edge” turkey hunter is well known throughout the northeast.

Joe is the host of his own Western Massachusetts based TV show, On the Ridge, and a 30 year Outdoor Writer of his column by the same name (On The Ridge). He has traveled across the country hunting turkeys in over 20 states. He is also an avid whitetail deer and coyote hunter.

Wednesday, May 8 at 6:30 PM, Walter Cudnohufsky, author of Cultivating the Designer’s Mind 

Long time landscape architect, artist and community planner Walter Cudnohufsky, has written a book with Mollie Babize that summarizes a design philosophy and process developed over a six-decade career in professional practice and education.   Highly illustrated, the 320-page book outlines a design process that is both logical and creative, one that is accessible to anyone who desires to work in concert with nature’s patterns. Sue Reed, author of Climate-Wise Landscaping and Energy-wise Landscape Design, says “Written in language both poetic and pithy, Cultivating the Designer’s Mind invites us to see landscape design as a process that everyone can master.”